Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2011

Long time no see...

So, what happened in the meantime? I've been abroad doing a placement on the island of Fuerteventura and not doing any tinkering (which I really missed during the time). 

However, plans for knits were made in the hot Fuerteventura sun - e.g., I am currently knitting a wrapped sleeves-scarf (see the original right here). You can now also follow the process of any knits at ravelry (if you like you can follow me here). 

However, here's what I did this weekend. I visited the designPavillon which is a Christmas Market for Design (which you can see here) in Hanover. 
There they sold so wonderfully cute things and it was so difficult to decide for only a few things!!

Here's what I bought:

(as you may notice I possess an affinity for animals and red stuff) 

Bambi-necklace: Glückspilz Schmuck
Little Red Riding Hood button: Käselotti
heart-letter stamp: Frau Börd

heart ring: from Gina Tricot (not from the design-market)
red nail polish, colour: "Going to the Opera": from H&M (not from the design-market, either)
(I just thought they fit so nicely to what I bought...)

I can also recommend Anique (see here) as I nearly bought one of her necklaces, as well, and it was only due to my fault of money that I did not. 
Last year my sister bought an Alice in Wonderland-necklace from her.

So, next time you will again see more of what I did.

Until then, stay warm and take care! :-)

And thanks for reading.

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