Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2012

The cold days of winter have not been too bad...

...if I get to think about it - as my new 2-sleeved oversized scarf is the perfect friend for colder days.

Yeees, it's finally finished:

It took me about 3 months (!) to get this done but it's been a lot of fun.

On Ravelry you can read my instructions for knitting this. :-)

Just a shame that we have already had the coldest days of winter. Still, this "two-sleeved oversize scarf" is becoming my new cuddly friend for winter, as well as colder spring or autumn days.

And the back of it so you can see the "wrapping":

Hihi! ^^

See you soon...
(Thanks to Geesche who was so kind to take the photos.)


  1. That looks gorgeous. I'd loved to know how to knit. :D

    1. Hi, thank you! :)
      It's actually not too difficult, really!
      I hope you understand a bit of knitting - but still, even for a beginner this is not a too challenging project. ;-)

      You start with a normal cuff of an even number of meshes (simply knit stitch, purl stitch, knit stitch, purl, knit etc.), followed by adding 5 stitches. Now you have an uneven number of meshes per row. You know start with sth that we call a "wrong patent-pattern" (don't know, whether there's sth similar in English?!).
      Every row now starts with two knit stitches, followed by two purl stitches etc. - it's important that you start every new row with two knit stitches.
      After about 6cm you add two meshes to each side of the row.
      Now you have to start each new row with two purl stitches, followed by two knit stitches, again two purl stitches etc.
      When you again got 6cm more, you again add two meshes to each side, so four in total. Now you start each row again doing two knit stitches, two purls, two knits etc.
      You see the system.
      Well, you go on like this until your "scarf" is broad enough. Now you obviously do not add any more meshes for about 60cm (or according to taste).

      Now you do the same as before, just in different order now: every 6cm you simply reduce the number of meshes by four.
      Go on like this.

      In the end you again reduce 5 meshes in order to get an even number of meshes again (like in the beginning) and add a cuff to the end.
      Now "halve" the scarf and sew one long side to the other in order to create "sleeves".
      Ta-daa!! :D

      For any German-speakers: this is also available in German on Ravelry!!